Parisienne Italia

The bath foam Almond Fiorile has a sweet fragrance and it is extremely gentle on the skin.

A fresh and new fragrance completes the Fiorile: the RED FRUITS.
Let seduce yourself to the intense and bubbly aroma.
Available in two versions, bath foam in 1000 ml size and liquid soap in 500 ml size.

A new and fresh essence of argan oil: le skin will be soft and incredibly perfumed.

The heady scent of coconut is the "star" in a young and refreshing bath.

Nestle yourself with regenerating and detoxing properties of Aloe Vera.

The intensity of the Green Apple will give charge to your skin.

Tradional fragrance of White Musk will gently perfume your skin.

Let the grint and freshness of Citrus Fruits embrace you.

Fresh natural and delicate: discover the virtues of Pine.

Take a delicate and moisturizing milky bath. Your skin will thank you!

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