Parisienne Italia

Cream Treatment

The linseed cream is a treatment useful to regenerate spoiled and lifeless hair.


Semi di lino ampoules represent a real care treatment for spoiled and devitalized hair thanks to the emollient and protective action of the linseed glycolic extract

Hair Spray

Thanks to linseed oil the hair can be regenerated and change its aspect: from spoiled and dull to healthy and bodied. Moreover eliminates the split ends and repels dust and humidity.

Mousse Styling

It fixes the hairstyling for a long time and thanks to its creaminess it can be easily applied. It does not stick or greas the hair and thanks to its particularly creamy formula enriched with lenseeds extracts it leaves the hair soft and velvety


This linseeds shampoo contains linseed glycolic extract which has emollient properties acting both on scalp and hair moisturizing it during the washing.

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