Parisienne Italia


The History of Parisienne Italia is marked by a growth since the beginning, immediately after the end of the Second World War, when with the name "Fape" started producing brilliantine for hair.
The demand of Italian cosmetics on the market was increasing thanks to the turmoil of foreign markets.
"Fape" becomes Parisienne Italia and starts, first in Italy, the production of hair spray for the National market.

The success of the products with the brand Parisienne Italia drives the production activity of the company, allowing to extend its facilities, enhancing the production equipment , establishing a well-advanced research laboratory too.
It begins a journey of research and innovation, which brings the birth of products for body and haircare of high quality
Not only hair sprays but also products for personal care, permit to Parisienne Italia to achieve a significant market share, becoming an important reality of the Made In Italy and a recognizable brand for the large-scale consumer.

Thanks to this growth non only for the commercial but above all for the brand awareness from the consumer, the company realizes an industrial compound able to support the production establishment and the scientific laboratory of control and research: three production plants spread on 10.000 mq located between Bologn and Ferrara.
This development permitted to Parisienne Italia to become a Group including several brands studied for Mass Market and Professional Products, and to establish a network of national and international distribution.

Quality, innovation and excellence always at consumer service, thanks to a professional team able to understand and satisfy the always new and different requirements of the market, in an efficient and focused way.


"Being an Italian company, flexible that
produces products with high quality brands for
the care of the person with an appropriate price
and with an expert and professional service in an international context"

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